Protect Me Knight And Royal Anapoko Academy Dev Is Working On A Mega Drive / Genesis JRPG 1
Image: @Karu_gamo

Royal Anapoko Academy and Protect Me Knight developer Makoto "Karu_gamo" Wada is working on a JRPG for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, entitled Archeon.

Wada has been showing off the game's development on social media; the game will adopt a first-person perspective, rather like Wizardry and Shining in the Darkness.

He seems to be rather proud of the game's "plump-bellied succubus", as shown below. "Seeing how the movement I made with the tool works effortlessly on the Mega Drive really shows how great tools are."

He's even shown the game running on actual Mega Drive hardware:

Wada has a connection with Yuzo Koshiro's Ancient studio – his previous titles have been released by that company.

Ancient is currently working on its own Mega Drive game, the shmup Earthion.