Multi-Console Emulator Provenance Coming The iPhone App Store, Nintendo Be Damned 1
Image: @provenanceapp

The multi-console emulator Provenance is still coming to the iOS App Store, despite a DMCA takedown request from Nintendo.

Developer Joseph Mattiello had been contacted by Nintendo following the announcement that Provenance would include Yuzu, the Switch emulator that was recently shut down by the Japanese giant.

However, according to iMore, it would seem that this issue has been resolved, and Mattiello plans to release Provenance to TestFlight users "as soon as he can".

Once the app has been tested, it will then be submitted to Apple for review, and then general release – assuming no other issues come to light.

The list of systems supported by Provenance is staggering. It includes consoles from Atari, Sega, SNK, NEC, Sony and Bandai, covering the '80s, '90s and 2000s.

Following Apple's decision to relax its approach towards emulators, we've seen a flood of apps get released – with Delta being the most notable so far.