Sega Saturn Is Getting A Fan-Made Remake Of Revenge Of Shinobi 1
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

The Sega Mega Drive / Genesis classic Revenge of Shinobi is getting a fan-made "remake" on the 32-bit Sega Saturn.

Coded by Pigsy (the same person who is bringing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to the Mega Drive) using Johannes Fetz's JoEngine, this update will boast more background layers, improved colours, better animation, a CD-quality soundtrack and "more open" level design.

Originally released in Japan as The Super Shinobi in 1989, the game is a sequel to the 1987 arcade release Shinobi. A dazzling showcase of the Mega Drive's power, it also boasts an incredible soundtrack from Yuzo Koshiro.

The game would be followed by the arcade title Shadow Dancer (the Mega Drive version of which is a totally unique game) and Shinobi III (known in Japan as The Super Shinobi II).

The Saturn got its own entry in the Shinobi series, called Shin Shinobi Den / Shinobi X / Shinobi Legions. However, it was critically panned at the time of release, and Sega had so little faith in it that it passed on publishing it in North America, leaving Vic Tokai to handle its distribution instead.

Sega is in the process of rebooting the series alongside several other classic titles.