Wii And GameCube Emulator Dolphin Adds HDR Support 1
Image: Nintendo

Wii and GameCube emulator Dolphin has been around for over twenty years now, but it's still getting improvements – and the latest update delivers some serious cool features.

The headline (for us, anyway) is the addition of HDR support on Windows, macOS, and select Linux systems. When attached to a compatible display, you'll get higher brightness, saturation and contrast, giving your classic Nintendo games a brand-new look.

Two options are available in the emulator – AutoHDR (which is more subtle) and PerceptualHDR (which has more exaggerated results).

Other features of this update include fixing a security issue, support for custom aspect ratios (as well as aspect ratio corrections), Modem Adapter emulation and the restoration of the software 'Just in Time' profiler.

If you fancy checking out it, head over here.

[source howtogeek.com]