The Time Extension team is dedicated to bringing you the biggest news and features from the world of retro and classic gaming.

While other sites out there are constantly looking to the future and the promise of the "next big thing", here at Time Extension we do the exact opposite – we're looking back into the past to uncover hidden gems, proclaim stone-cold classics and shed a light on the human stories behind some of our favourite games, companies and systems.

Time Extension will aim to bring an exciting mixture of news, features, interviews, reviews, guides and much more. Rather than relegate retro and classic gaming news to a footnote as so many other sites do, we want to elevate stories to the next level by talking to the people behind the news – be they developers or fans – and providing the definitive perspective on events in the sphere of classic gaming.

We will seek to link the old with new when it comes to covering the many remasters and re-releases that occur within the games industry, as well as 'new' retro hardware – be that the latest micro-console from the likes of Sega, controllers for old systems or even advanced gear, like Optical Drive Emulators and FPGA-based systems.

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