Yuzo Koshiro's Shmup 'Earthion' Is Pushing The Genesis To Its Absolute Limit 1
Image: Yuzo Koshiro

Yuzo Koshiro has shown off more footage of the upcoming Mega Drive / Genesis shmup Earthion, and it's shaping up to be one of the most technically remarkable games ever released on the 16-bit system.

"You'll spot a lot of new stuff and scenes we've added in," says Yoshiro. "Plus, there's a fresh track unveiled. And absolutely, everything you see and hear is straight from an actual Megadrive. Just FYI, the music in the video shouldn’t be seen as the definitive soundtrack for Earthion. I’m still on the hunt for a fresh shmup music style that’s totally new to you, exploring new possibilities with MAmidiMEmo, a music creation application. Should be going much better!"

Koshiro has reconfirmed that the game is expected to launch on modern consoles and says the release date will be the end of 2024 "at the earliest".

He also says that the Mega Drive / Genesis version will be available "in regions where MD/Genesis games were released in the past, hopefully." However, he's currently unsure if different regions will get unique packaging.

As for cart memory size, Yoshiro had this to say:

We're still in the process of determining the exact amount of memory the cart will use. But one thing's for sure - it'll definitely surpass anything that was feasible back in the 90s.

Limited Run Games has already confirmed that it is working with Ancient to release the game physically.