Rare Neo Geo Game Knight's Chance Getting A Physical Reissue 1
Image: Piko Interactive

NeoBitz has announced that it has partnered with Piko Interactive to re-release its 2014 Neo Geo MVS title, Knight's Chance.

A medieval fantasy-themed casino game compilation, Knight's Chance includes four games – Dragon's Hollow (poker), Cursed Mynd (memory), Mystic Dice (dices) and Demon's Hold (blackjack).

"Set foot into the Dark Realms and test your luck in four games of chance and skill," reads the game's official store page. "Are you coming back as a winner or your soul be forever lost in the darkness?"

The reissue will cost $399.99 and will include the cartridge, a pair of flyers and a mini marquee. NeoBitz states that delivery will take place within a couple of months.

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