Vengeance Hunters
Image: Nalua Studios

A new action-packed brawler called Vengeance Hunters is set to be released for the Neo Geo MVS/AES hardware, with versions for Nintendo Switch, Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox also said to be on the horizon.

The game is the work of the developer Nalua Studio and sees up to two players taking control of one of three characters to fight back against "the oppression of the human race". These include the grappling robot Golem, the missile-fist-toting heavy Loony, and the blade-wielding Candy.

As stated in the description given for the game, there are five zones in total to play through, with each of these featuring challenging sub-enemies like zombies, street punks, and spear-wielding cavemen to battle against. That's in addition to difficult boss fights, traps, and mini-games to overcome (including what looks to be a brand-new take on the infamous Turbo Tunnel from Battletoads NES).

Pre-orders are available now directly from Nalua Studios' website, with Regular (€349.00), Special (€429.00), and Limited Edition (€429.00) physical copies being among the options.

The Switch, Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox releases will be released around the time these physical carts ship, according to a tweet from the developer.