The retro developer Neo Byte Force announced earlier this week on Twitter that preorders are now live on its website for its first-ever commercial video game Cyborg Force — a new run and gun scheduled to release next year for the Neo Geo AES/MVS, Sega Dreamcast, Sony PSP, PC, and emulation devices.

The game aims to reproduce the feeling of classic arcade run 'n gun shooters from the '90s and is the work of the veteran code Ozzy Ouzo and former board game and miniature designer Johnny 16bit. It has been designed primarily with the Neo Geo in mind but is also available to pre-order for a bunch of other devices too.

Cyborg Force sees players take control of a member of mankind's most elite military corps on a mission to save the universe from a mad tyrant who is intent on using the Necro-Doomizer — Mars’s ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Players will blast their way through waves of enemies including mutants, cyber troops, and heavily armoured units travelling across 5 levels (each of which will feature 2 sub-levels and a climactic boss). The Neo Geo versions of the game will also contain the ability to join up with a friend for 2-player co-op, an option that is missing from the other ports of the game.

The Neo Geo AES version of the title is priced at €333.00, while the MVS version costs €316.50. The Dreamcast .cdi, PSP ROM, and PC executable, meanwhile, are all available to pre-order on a ROM Stick, which costs €37.50, and also includes a Neo Geo ROM to use with various hardware/software emulation solutions. Shipping is expected in Q2/Q3 of 2024.

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