Scramble Formation / Tokio
Image: Taito/Romstar

Taito's Scramble Formation (otherwise known in North America as Tokio) is coming to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 on November 30th, Hamster has revealed (thanks Famitsu/Gosokkyu!)

The vertically-scrolling shooter debuted in the arcades back in 1986 and was later ported to the MSX in 1987. It saw players take control of a biplane and fly over a pixellated recreation of Tokyo in the 80s to battle enemy aircraft and ground units and featured notable landmarks of the time such as the Diet Building, the now-demolished Korakuen Stadium, and the Yoyogi National Stadium.

As Gosokkyu notes, an early version of the game even featured an amusement park level similar to Tokyo Disneyland, which was later removed in subsequent versions.

Players can collect other red planes to follow them and can also swap between three different formations, including air-to-air, air-to-ground, and a neutral positioning, in order to adapt to whatever situation is thrown at them.

In 2022, the game was reissued on the Taito II Egret Mini as one of the 40 titles bundled with the machine.

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