French publisher PixelHeart has been doing some pretty nice things in the realm of physical retro releases lately.

We recently reported that it had made a home version of Visco's Battle Flip Shot available for the first time via an officially licenced Neo Geo CD release, and it's doing the same thing with Neo Mr. Do!, another Neo Geo MVS title that didn't get a domestic version back in the '90s.

However, in the case of this particular game, things have changed a little from the original coin-op version, which was released exclusively in arcades in 1996, under license from Mr. Do! IP holder Universal.

The original Mr. Do! was released in arcades in 1982, and would be followed by Mr. Do's Castle (1983), Mr. Do's Wild Ride (1984) and Do! Run Run (also 1984). Neo Mr. Do! was Visco's take on the character, and it never got a Neo Geo AES (home console) release. This Neo Geo CD release changes all of that, but, as spotted by @LandofObscusion, PixelHeart has had to swap out the visuals on Neo Mr. Do! to avoid any legal issues (Universal, despite not doing anything with the IP in many years, is still an active company).

"The game has undergone some cosmetic changes (we’ve changed some of the visuals)," reads the product page for Punky Circus, the game's new name. It's up for pre-order now, costing 24,90€.

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