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The retro publisher SNEG has revealed that it will be bringing a bunch of classic Strategic Simulations, Inc, and Mindscape games to Steam and GOG on December 19th, giving people an easy way to check out a number of influential RPG and strategy games from days gone by.

In case you're unaware, Strategic Simulations, Inc. (or SSI as it often shortened) was a North American-based developer and publisher that was founded in 1979 and later grew to part of Mindscape in 1994. It was primarily known for its collection of wargames and fantasy RPGs, many of which will be among SNEG's list of reissues next month.

Here's a full list of all the titles being released and a short description of each taken from the press release:

Phantasie Collection
Image: SSI

Phantasie Collection (Phantasie, Phantasie II, Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus) (1985-1987) (Steam/GOG):

"Face the wrath of Nikademus through the three distinct entries spanning an unforgettable saga. Assemble a party of six adventurers and set out to save the world, and Ferronrah, once again (and destroy an orb or two), this time with years of wisdom on your side!"

Star Command
Image: SSI

Star Command (1988) (Steam/GOG):

"Players command and customize a crew of eight, embarking on missions to earn credits and enhance their skills. The adventure deepens with planet explorations for hidden treasures and tactical encounters with disabled enemy ships. Engage in thrilling battles, commandeer rival vessels, and navigate through a universe brimming with possibilities."

Great Naval Battles
Image: SSI

Great Naval Battles Collection (Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-1943, Vol. II: Guadalcanal 1942-43, Vol. III: Fury in the Pacific 1941-44, Vol. IV: Burning Steel 1939-1942) (1992-1996) (Steam/GOG):

"Command fleets and navigate rough Atlantic waters as you dive into the strategic intricacies of WWII’s maritime conflicts. From the Pacific to the Solomon Islands, to the Pacific Theater and Mediterranean, global naval warfare is delivered as a unique blend of historical accuracy and immersive action where you choose your own fate."

Wargame Construction Set
Image: SSI

Wargame Construction Set Collection (Set I, Set II: Tanks!, Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905) (1986-1996) (Steam/GOG):

"The definitive wartime gaming experience comes together for a strategy-simulation experience just as you remember it. Edit your battlefield for strategic advantage or self-inflicted challenge, go all-in on armored warfare, and sharpen your military tactics mindset, all against a rich historical tapestry."

Prophecy of the Shadow
Image: SSI

Prophecy of the Shadow (1992) (Steam/GOG):

"Framed for the murder of your master and on the run from Mage Hunters, it's up to you to break the prophecy and prevent The Shadow Lords from entering our world. Learn forbidden magics and clear your name while bringing an end to a string of events foretold before you were even born."

Renegade Battle For Jacob's Star
Image: SSI

Renegade: Battle for Jacob's Star (1995) (Steam/GOG):

"Command your own squad of fighter pilots in this first-person space flight action-adventure game. Originally praised for its story, character development, and strategic gameplay in a sea of sci-fi starfighter games, Renegade: Battle of Jacob’s Star weaves a terrific story as you battle the Terran Overload Government’s invasion force."

Savage Warriors
Image: Mindscape

Savage Warriors (1995) (Steam/GOG):

"Travel through time in this unique fighting game where warriors from across the centuries battle across interactive terrain with fist and blade. Players can battle with magic or modern weapons, unlock new characters, and engage in the original fighting game designed specifically for the PC."

Image: Mindscape

Buccaneer (1997) (Steam/GOG):

"Embark on an adventure during the golden age of piracy! Players can choose between six campaigns or engage in standalone ship-to-ship battles. Whether rescuing captives or hunting for buried treasure, good management skills are required to keep stock of your supplies and recruit pirates to join you on your missions."

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