Image: SNEG

The publisher SNEG has released eight classic Dungeons & Dragons games on Steam and GOG (thanks VG247 for the spot!). The release obviously coincides with the arrival of Dungeon & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves in cinemas, so if you want to immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and adventure in advance, here's your chance to do it from the comfort of your computer or laptop.

There are four new games being sold individually. These include:

DragonStrike (1990) Steam/GOG

"Fly the mighty dragons of Krynn into battle in the first ever dragon combat simulator! Play through 20 missions set in the world of Dragonlance; intercept enemy dragons, destroy enemy ships, and protect the forces of good in order to advance in rank, gain magical items and hit points, and acquire better dragons!"

Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace (1992) Steam/GOG

"Pirates of Realmspace leads the player into a fantasy world to pilot a ship (a Spelljammer) that may travel into Realmspace and visit eight worlds of inner and outer planets for exploration and trade. Experience spectacular first-person flight combat and classic tactical encounters as you uncover the terrible conspiracy that threatens to conquer Realmspace itself!"

Fantasy Empires (1993) Steam/GOG

"In Fantasy Empires you play as the ruler of a fledgling kingdom. Your objective: take over adjacent kingdoms one by one using magic, brute force, or strategic planning. It features real-time combat in an overhead view, as well as a computer-controlled Dungeon Master, who provides insight as well as comic relief. Form alliances, recruit armies, train heroes, send them on quests, cast spells, and manage resources."

And Deathkeep (1995) Steam/GOG

"DeathKeep is a first-person single-player role-playing game with a touch of medieval AD&D gameplay in a fully 3D environment straight out of the ‘90s. Players must find and defeat an evil Necromancer located somewhere in the lower levels. Make your way through 25 dungeons filled with brain-busting puzzles and 30 types of horrific monsters who’ve never heard of dental care."

There are also another four games that are included as part of the Silver Box Classics Collection (Steam/GOG). These are:

Heroes of the Lance (1988)

"Based on the latter parts of the Dragonlance book, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, the heroes descend into a ruined city in search of the disks of Mishakal. The gameplay consists of side-scrolling fighting with a maze-like map using doors to change the view. The party consists of the eight Heroes of the Lance, which the player can switch between at any time."

Dragons of Flame (1989)

"Set between the AD&D Dragonlance action games Heroes of the Lance and Shadow Sorcerer, Dragons of Flame follows the Heroes of the Lance formula with a side-scrolling, action-oriented view. Choose from 10 playable characters and use weapons, spells, and character specific abilities to battle Trolls, Griffins, Draconians and Zombies."

War of the Lance (1989)

"Command armies, heroes, and special units against the evil Highlord Dragon Armies. Have your heroes search for magic to help in battle, use diplomats to gather nations to your side, and send armies out to the field to do battle or hunt down enemy heroes."

And Shadow Sorcerer (1991)

"Shadow Sorcerer is a tie-in with the Dragonlance series of novels. The player controls a party of four adventurers that have just rescued 800 slaves and must shepherd them through the wilderness before the evil Red Dragon army catches up with them. With real-time strategic, tactical, and political gameplay, danger is around every corner. Can you find a safe haven for your followers?"

All of the games are currently 15% off during launch week, so if you want to grab them for cheaper, it's probably better to act now rather than later.

Are there any you're interested in picking up for nostalgia's sake? Let us know in the comments!