BC Games
Image: @InTimsWorld

Ultimate Play The Game and Rare co-founder Tim Stamper is at it again!

After showing off a prototype for Conker 64 earlier this week, he's now given fans a look at some previously unseen art for an unreleased NES/Famicom game that Rare was working on back in the mid-to-late '80s. The artwork depicts two cavemen racing a pair of dinosaurs along what appears to be a cliff edge, with a googly-eyed pterosaur flying overhead, and a newly-hatched dino situated in the middle of their path.

Obviously, for fans of Rare, this will likely bring to mind some of their later games such as Diddy Kong Racing, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Star Fox Adventures. All of which featured dinosaurs in some capacity.

Along with the image, Stamper asked his various followers on social media yesterday to take a guess at the working title. Suggestions ranged from the incredible Velociracers to BC Pro-Am (a clever reference to Rare's 1988 title R.C. Pro-Am). Stamper, however, revealed earlier today that the actual working title was BC Games, which perhaps suggests that it was a prehistoric spin on the multi-event sports games of the era.

Stamper hasn't shared any more details besides the artwork and the name, but we hope to learn more about it in the future, such as how far along it got, and the reasons why it was eventually dropped.

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