Back in 2020, Friend & Fairy and Galaxy Trailer released Petal Crash across various platforms including PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS, and Android. But now it appears that the game is coming to yet another platform, with Petal Crash's official account announcing a new Neo Geo port, courtesy of the game developer Rosenthal Castle.

In case you're unaware, the indie homage to the classic arcade action puzzlers of the '90s focuses on pushing blocks around a board in order to match them up with others of the same colour to create magnificent chain reactions. It features a number of modes (including a story campaign) as well as a varied cast of characters to pick from.

As stated in the post, the Neo Geo version of the game will include the original story, score attack, and versus mode and will work on original arcade hardware.

No specific release date has been announced yet, but the game is currently scheduled to launch sometime in 2024. A sequel, Petal Crash 2, was also announced last month, with a crowdfunding campaign for the project scheduled to launch in early 2024.

We'll try and keep you up to date as more information is published on both. But for now, you can check out the trailer of the Neo Geo port above and see how it is coming along.