Final Vendetta
Image: Bitmap Bureau

UK studio Bitmap Bureau – perhaps most famous for the amazing Xeno Crisis – recently scored another critical smash with Final Vendetta, a side-scrolling beat 'em up which launched on modern-day systems.

Now, as was the case with the aforementioned Xeno Crisis, Bitmap Bureau is about to release the game on the Neo Geo AES (home) and MVS (arcade) systems. Both are expected to ship between Q4 2023 and Q1 2024.

The AES version is up for pre-order now and will cost you £394.80. The MVS edition costs the same, but comes in a plainer cardboard box (as was the case with original MVS carts).

The AES version will feature:

  • AES black cartridge with full colour label
  • AES snap box with full colour insert
  • Metallic serial number
  • Instruction Manual
  • Reflective caution sticker

The MVS version includes:

  • MVS black cartridge with full colour label
  • MVS cardboard box with full colour label
  • Metallic serial number
  • DIP switch settings sheet
  • Reflective caution sticker

In addition to these standard versions, Final Vendetta will also be available in special Collector's Editions, each costing £454.80. These include the following:

  • Final Vendetta OST CD
  • Pub beer mat
  • Club Tigre VIP wristband
  • Karen’s boxing gloves stress toy
  • Official TVR bumper sticker
  • 4 x Postcards
  • 2 x A3 posters (folded)
  • Custom presentation box

"Final Vendetta does an able job of using and enhancing tried and tested formulas of the past, and is great fun for either one or two players," said our friends over at Nintendo Life. "Its brevity is ameliorated by its single-credit format; a bold but welcome move that makes learning to clear it rewarding for all the right reasons."