Image: Hachette

Konami's 1992 arcade beat 'em up Asterix could be making its way to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, thanks to the SNES fan developer misterdigifox.

The creator recently took to Twitter to share an early look at the project, which is being created using pvsneslib β€” a free open development kit for the Nintendo SNES. The footage, as we mentioned, is in its early days but shows Asterix and three Roman Soldiers displayed onscreen with the z-order correctly set and the whole thing running at a stable framerate. According to misterdigifox, the next step will be to add the walking animations and go from there to see what they can do.

Asterix was one of a string of licensed beat 'em ups released by Konami in the late 80s through to the early '90s and featured the legendary Castlevania developer Hitoshi Akamatsu (credited under the name Narunopapa) as one of its lead programmers, working alongside Masaaki Kukino (the future designer of Silent Scope).

As Kukino revealed in a chat with Time Extension, it came about thanks to Konami of Europe, who tasked Konami's Japanese arcade division with producing a licensed tie-in based on the Franco-Belgian comic created by RenΓ© Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

We'll obviously be keeping a close eye on misterdigifox's port as it develops and will try to bring you more information as it emerges.