The organizers behind the PSP Homebrew Developer Conference (PSPHDC) have announced that this year's event will take place later this week on Saturday, April 6th, at 6pm UST/2pm EST (thanks

The event, in case you've heard of it, was started back in 2020, as a way to offer progress reports and updates on current and future projects related to the PlayStation handheld, as well as share technical insights with the rest of the community. It has now been running for four years, with this latest event promising several interesting talks from members of its homebrew community.

Here's a list of some of the presentations that have already been announced:

  • Kurohyou Translation Project (Team K4L); The story behind a fan-translation for the Kurohyou series of PSP games.
  • Project Aether Engine (IridescentRose); The evolution of game engine design into a purpose-built cross-platform game engine.
  • TOTP4PSP Authentication (arcyleung); A homebrew project to use the PSP hardware as an offline authentication token generator. A quick overview of the development process.
  • ARK-4 (Acid_Snake); The latest and most awesome PSP custom firmware!
  • SSL with cURL (Bucanero); Getting secure TLS1.2 networking on PSP with cURL + mbedTLS
  • PSP Toolchain (davidgf); A walkthrough of the PSP Toolchain, progress, updates, and exciting new prospects!
  • SDL2 (wouter); A talk about getting into porting games to PSP using SDL and other common tools!

A livestream of the event will be available to watch on YouTube.

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