Fate/Extra CCC
Image: Type Moon/Imageepoch

Iwakura Productions announced last week in a blog that it has released its English fan translation patch for Type-Moon and Imageepoch's Fate/Extra CCC after several years of development.

Fate/Extra CCC was originally released back in 2013 for the PSP and is an RPG dungeon crawler and companion game to 2010's Fate/Extra. Though unlike Fate/Extra, which received a localization courtesy of Aksys Games, Fate/Extra CCC was never released in the West, meaning that most fans of the series outside of Japan have never been able to play it for themselves (at least in a way that they can understand).

The game continues the story of Hakuno Kishinami, the main character of Fate/Extra, and offers players another "route" that diverts at various points including adding another ending to the experience.

Here are the full credits of those who worked on the patch:

—CCC Translation Team—
Producer/Editor – cj_iwakura
Super Hacker – esperknight
Translator/Master – rikkuchou
Translator/Hero Unit – ItsumoKnight
Incredible Hacker – Kotcrab
Image Editors – IgorAkou, RoboticBomber
FoxTail Translator – EDreamer
Quality Checker – Kinsei
Translator/Tooler – JS
Translator/Battle/Shitposter – SnowyAria
Stealthy Translator – khikari
Tester: Caterer Class – Telephone_ghost

If you want to give it a try, you can download it now from Iwakura Productions' website. There you will also find accounts from some of the people who worked on it about how they got involved and why they wanted to be a part of the project.

[source iwakuraproductions.wordpress.com]