Image: Polymega

Update [Mon 11th Dec, 2023 16:15 GMT]: As many of you have noticed, Playmaji didn't hit its proposed target date for the next Polymega firmware update.

We got in touch and were told the following:

We were hoping to release [on the 4th], but we ran into a couple of bugs we're still sorting out. Hoping to release this week still, or it may spill into early next week.

Original Story [Thu 23rd Nov, 2023 12:00 GMT]: Polymega maker Playmaji has released an update on the production of the console, expanding on its recent promise that all outstanding pre-orders would ship by the end of the year.

The bad news is that the process of fulfilling all of these orders is going to take a little longer – Playmaji says it could take as long as January to get them all out of the door and into the hands of customers. We can confirm that shipping confirmation emails are going out as we speak, as one of our team members got theirs recently. It's been a painfully long wait – exacerbated by component supply problems – but at least it's finally coming to an end.

On the brighter side, Playmaji expects to have Polymega systems available for "immediate delivery" soon – something that hasn't been the case so far. "We will have just around 1,000 of these systems available on Polymega.com, so if you order now, you can expect delivery in January," says the company, adding:

Our goal for 2024 is to get Polymega to a level of inventory and availability where it will be out of stock for no longer than 30-45 days at a time going forward. So, if you’ve been on the fence, there’s no time better than now to get your hands on a Polymega system!

It has been confirmed that all new systems will ship with the new WC02 Universal Wireless Controller, which will also be sold separately. This is being billed as a massive improvement over the original pad, offering lower input latency. The original wireless pad that shipped with the system was one of the biggest disappointments we had with it, so that's positive news – although, as ever, we'll be reserving judgment until we can actually try it out.

On the topic of the EM05 Ultra Module, Playmaji says that units are manufactured, packed and ready to ship out to those who have pre-ordered them – the only thing holding up the process is the need to update the Polymega console's system software to v1.1.30, which is essential when it comes to using the module on Polymega.

"Game compatibility is very high with more 98% or more of the n64 library playable, and after a huge internal effort, we hit our goal of over 90% of games working utterly flawlessly," says Playmaji. "The EM05 Ultra Module is also compatible Day 1 with Controller Paks, Rumble Paks, and Transfer Paks, so you can bring over your game saves from a real N64 and use them on Polymega and even transfer your Pokémon to your Polymega and battle them using Pokémon Stadium."

System Software Update v1.1.30 is expected to be pushed out on December 4th, and EM05 Module Sets "should" begin shipping that week.

As for the much-delayed Light Gun, Polymega App, Polymega Remix and Atari module, Playmaji says it will have an update on all of those – as well as a "new unannounced project" – in early 2024.

Any guesses on what this could be? Another module, perhaps? Let your imagination run riot in the comments section below.