Image: Gemma Smith / Time Extension

When it comes to emulating PS2 games, PCSX2 is one of the best options currently available to players.

The popular PlayStation 2 emulator has been around since 2002 and has grown to support a huge selection of titles for the Sony machine in the time between then and now.

As of November 2021, the emulator's compatibility page listed that it could play over 98% of the PS2's library and, as recently spotted by overclock3D, that number has now grown to over 99% as of this year with 1.23% of those games being categorized as "perfect" (or bug-free).

PCSX2 compatibility
Image: PCSX2 Team

That means there's now less than 1% of games indexed on the site that are only able to access the front-end menus or simply load into a "non-playable" state, with the rest of these titles being categorized as "playable" or "perfect".

It's a tremendous achievement given the incredible size of the PS2's library and one that speaks to the remarkable perseverance of the PCSX2 team over the years.

The last stable release of the emulator was 1.6.0 (released in 2020), but according to the PCSX2 website, the team is now "drawing closer" to a new version, which will eventually become available to players. In the meantime, there are regular nightly releases on the website that you can download, which are potentially less stable but aim to squash bugs and further improve PCSX2's compatibility with the PS2's vast library of games.

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