Usas - A Tale of Shiroki and Kuroki
Image: Team NXT

A group of fans are setting out to create an MSX2 prequel to one of Konami's more obscure MSX releases: 1987's The Treasure of Usas.

Usas - A Tale of Shiroki and Kuroki crossed our path only yesterday (on December 11th) after its creators Team NXT began sharing a couple of videos about the project on its YouTube channel.

The first of these videos was a music and graphics featurette, discussing how the team was using an OPL4/640 for its immersive industrial soundtrack (which was inspired by Goldeneye), and documenting some of the cool tricks that were possible within its graphics engine (such as the large animations and multi-directional scrolling).

This was then followed by another video that acts as a sort of recap of the first game's events, recounting the story of Wit and Cles — the two playable explorers from the original — who accidentally ended up causing a large explosion at the end of that title after returning a stolen jewel to the statue of the goddess Usas.

According to this video, the new game will be a prequel to that adventure featuring all-new characters and will see players exploring various temples to try and change the terrible events of the future. There's no word on a possible release date yet, but we'll try and keep you posted on any news as it emerges.