Japan's Life-Sized Gundam Takes A Well-Deserved Rest 1
Image: Bandai

Yokohama's life-sized RX-78 Gundam has moved for the final time, after being on display for three years.

The 18-meter tall robot opened to the public at the Yokohama Gundam Base in Tokyo Bay back in December 2020, and was supposed to close in 2022 - but the COVID-19 happened.

Now, though, the mecha really has closed for good, and Bandai sent it off with a bang. Even Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino was in attendance in an event which saw fireworks, drones and much more besides.

Japan has other life-sized Gundam models, but the iconic RX-78 is perhaps the most famous - let's hope that it returns to service in the future.


[source gizmodo.com]