NES Slotmaster
Image: merlin_shaw

The NES is quite a sturdy console, but even so, it can still suffer from the occasional bit of wear and tear.

For instance, if you search online, you'll find no shortage of people complaining about the 72-pin cartridge slot on the original NES and the dreaded 'blinking light' failure, which can either indicate a build-up of dust or a more serious fault with the hardware that will require you to go out and find a replacement.

In the past, there has been a range of different options that aim to eliminate this issue, including the Blinking Light Win and the upcoming Ninten-drawer. But recently we came across yet another that also happened to catch our attention.

The NES Slotmaster is a new drop-in replacement for the 72-pin cartridge slot from the developer Merlin Shaw, offering gamers an open-source solution to their problem that is both affordable and easy to build.

According to its creator, the replacement doesn't require any substantial modification to your NES console, just enough skill to remove the top portion and swap the connector. It can also be built for less than $20, uses a through-hole design to make it easier for beginners to solder, and holds the NES Cartridge closer to the door making games much less difficult to remove.

If you want to build your own, you can find all the files you'll need to get started on Merlin Shaw's GitHub page.

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