Random: Modder Turns A NES Cartridge Into A NES Console 1
Image: James Channel

Modder James Channel is back, fresh from creating the Nintendo PlayStation a short time ago. This time around, his focus was a little more streamlined; he wanted to make a NES cartridge that was also a NES console. Confused? You will be.

The modder mused that some modern-day NES clones are almost as small as a NES cart themselves thanks to their 'system on a chip' design, and the guts inside these machines are often just a small mainboard, controller ports and a cartridge slot. He selected a game – NES Open – and set about his work, which, we should warn you, is often difficult to watch – especially if you're used to treating your gaming hardware with respect.

Naturally, some internal modification was required to the cartridge so that the components could fit inside neatly and there was space for the cartridge slot and controller ports. Power is supplied by a Micro USB port and A/V by a 3.5mm headphone jack.

James Channel doesn't put much stock in the idea of 'planning ahead', but in all honesty, that just makes things more interesting. Seeing him have to conjure solutions out of thin air is all part of the fun, and, to his credit, the finished product still works as a NES cart, but can also play NES games itself – just as he intended.

The most amazing thing, though? By using some adapters and wiring, the cartridge can actually play itself.

Now we've really seen everything.