Star Fox 64
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Considering Star Fox 64 came out back in 1997, you'd think that its potential to surprise would become somewhat diminished over the years.

Nevertheless, recently on Twitter, we stumbled across an interesting post from a game developer called Benjigamedev, talking about a hidden mode inside Star Fox 64 that some players never even knew about. This is referring to a special on-foot mode where players can control bazooka-toting versions of Slippy, Fox, Peppy, and Falco in multiplayer and even pit them against vehicles like Arwings and Landmasters.

It was unlockable in the original game by collecting all the medals on every mission and then doing the same on Expert Mode (though some sources like IGN suggest you only need to collect a medal on Venom on Expert Mode). This explains why only a small subset of Star Fox 64 players were ever able to see it.

In his original post, Benjigamedev uploaded a video of the mode in question, along with the following caption:

"Just thinking of that time when Nintendo locked Slippy Toad On-Foot Bazooka Mode behind one of the hardest challenges on the N64, meaning most of us never even saw it."

This then prompted a significant amount of people to express their surprise that they'd never heard about it before, while one person even questioned whether it was a fake mockup that BenjiGameDev had made himself.

The mode, however, is very real and even appeared in the Star Fox Nintendo Power Official Strategy Guide, as well as in EGM2 Issue 37 (albeit with the unlock conditions slightly incorrect according to one reader's letter in issue 40). There are even some YouTube videos of the mode online, including this one from 2009.

Star Fox 64 Strategy Guide
Image: Nintendo Power Star Fox 64 Strategy Guide

Here's our question to you, then: did you already know about this? Better yet, did you manage to unlock it back in the day? If so, now is your time to boast about it.

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