Rainbow Cotton
Image: Success

ININ Games' remake of Rainbow Cotton is scheduled to release next month across PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in what will mark its first-ever English-language release.

However, what you might not be aware of is that in order to bring the classic Dreamcast rail shooter game over to these modern platforms the publisher actually teamed up with a bunch of notable members from the Sega fan community to offer them a helping hand.

The game, for instance, is being developed by KRITZELKRATZ 3000, which is a German studio that includes the lead programmer Andreas Scholl — an individual who is probably known online for their work on the Burning Rangers Tribute demo.

And that's not all either, as Scholl also recently revealed in an interview with Touch Arcade that the remake will also make use of the fan translation of the game from 2021, citing the authors of that patch, Derek Pascarella and his team (Burntends, Danthrax, TraynoCo, Natsume__38), as contributors to the new project.

In response to this news finally being announced, Burntends tweeted:

"It’s official guys, the work @DerekPascarella and I, along with the rest of our team, did for the fan translation is going to be included in an OFFICIAL rerelease of Rainbow Cotton coming to modern platforms in May. Hopefully they keep in Cotton swearing."

Traynoco, meanwhile, wrote on the social media site:

"I want to make an announcement that I had to hold my tongue on for quite a while... I will be a contributing member of the Remaster for the game Rainbow Cotton coming out on the Switch, PS4, and PS5!

A big thanks to @DerekPascarella for the opportunity to work on this!

This is a big deal for me, being not only a massive Cotton fan, but a fan of the Dreamcast for years!

Two of my favourite things I can say I helped be a part of in some form..."

It's an encouraging bit of news, considering the quality of that 2021 fan translation and what we've seen of Scholl's previous work, so we're even more excited now to jump into the game when it finally launches on May 9th.

[source toucharcade.com, via twitter.com]