Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom
Image: @PanikArcade

For most indie developers, summing up their video game inside a single sentence can be a challenge. How do you accurately reflect the experience you're trying to create while still keeping things brief and to the point?

But for the team behind Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom, that doesn't seem to have been much of a problem — at least judging by the title for its latest trailer (thanks RockPaperShotgun for the spot!).

Released yesterday, the video, which is labelled "You're a N64 taxi and there's no jump button?", pretty much sums up the experience perfectly, communicating everything you need to know about the game in just 9 words.

The upcoming Steam game, which is being developed by Panik Arcade and published by Those Awesome Guys, sees players taking control of a small yellow toy taxi with the goal being to explore hand-crafted worlds filled with strange characters and an abundance of collectibles like coins, treasure chests, and money bags.

It is described "as a vibrant love letter to the N64 era of collectathons". However, unlike Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie, or any of the other titles that potentially inspired it, players aren't able to just jump from one platform to the next but instead need to rely on things like ramps, bounce pads, and other level aids to get from place to place.

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom is coming to Steam on April 9th, with a demo already available to try out on its store page. If this sounds like something up your street, you can wishlist it now on Steam to get a reminder on when it is released and give the devs a boost.

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