Celeste 64

The developers of the hit indie game Celeste have released a new N64-inspired version of the game on itch.io to celebrate the sixth anniversary of its original release.

The new version of the game called Celeste 64: Fragments of the Mountain was created in a week by the Celeste team and transforms the 2D sprite-based platformer into an N64-style polygonal platformer that lets you "relive the magic of Celeste Mountain" alongside the redheaded protagonist Madeline. Just like in the original game, players will be able to run, jump, dash, and climb, with the goal being to ascend the mountain and collect strawberries that are positioned in hard-to-reach areas.

It is currently only available on Windows and Linux computers, but a MacOS version is apparently in the works and will arrive after the developers have made sure there are no major issues with the current builds.

If you decide to play the game, it's highly encouraged for the moment that you use a controller, with the keyboard controls being described as a bit "clunky" at present.

You can grab the game now for free from itch.io if you want to give it a try.

[source maddymakesgamesinc.itch.io, via twitter.com]