Exclusive Saturn Fighter 'Rabbit' Gets English Patch And More 1

Rabbit, a 2D fighter which was exclusively ported from the arcades to the Saturn in 1997, has now been patched to make it entirely playable in English (thanks, Sega Saturn Shiro).

The patch was created by Derek “ateam” Pascarella, with help from Bo Bayles, Walnut, Malenko and Knighth0fDragon.

Not only does the patch translate the Japanese text in the command list, endings and win screens, but it also grants access to all of the bonus features which would normally need to be unlocked during play. (Character names and the options menu were in English in the original game, so they naturally remain untouched.)

The unlocked options include the ability to zoom out the game's camera and set damage to off, but Pascarella has written a new code so that only player one is invincible (in the original game, it made both fighters invulnerable to damage).

There are two remaining options in the game – animal stock and stock count – but these remain untouched as the patching team is "still pretty fuzzy" on exactly how they work.

Developed by Aorn and published by Electronic Arts Victor, Rabbit was never released outside of Japan and never ported to any other console.

Here's some footage of the (unpatched) game in action:

[source segasaturnshiro.com]