Crow Country
Image: SFB Games

Update [Thu 14th Mar, 2024 15:15 GMT]: SFB Games has announced the release date for its upcoming PS1-style survival horror game Crow Country. As reported by Eurogamer, it will be released across both PS5 & Steam on May 9th.

You can watch a new trailer for the game below to get a closer look at the exciting project:

Original Story [Tue 24th Oct, 2023 09:45 GMT]: SFB Games (Snipperclips) has just released a demo for its new survival horror title on PS5 and Steam which will appeal to those of you who love the old low-poly look of '90s PlayStation 1 titles.

According to creator director Adam Vian, Crow Country boasts a "Resident Evil / Final Fantasy VII aesthetic" and is packed with "locked doors, rusty keys, heart monitor health meter, dreamlike atmosphere, environments that evoke pre-rendered art (but are actually full 3D)."

"The year is 1990," reads the game's Steam page. "Edward Crow has disappeared. The owner of 'Crow Country', he has not been seen since he unexpectedly shut down his park two years ago. The silence is broken when a mysterious young woman named Mara Forest ventures into the heart of the abandoned theme park in order to find him."

You can download the demo now.