Image: Zion Grassl / Time Extension

Update [Thu 14th Mar, 2024 15:30 GMT]: The Miyoo Mini Flip is in "final testing" and should launch soon.

Original Story [Tue 31st Oct, 2023 15:50 GMT]: It would seem that Chinese manufacturer Miyoo is looking to capitalise on nostalgia for Nintendo's GBA SP with a new model of its Miyoo Mini emulation handheld (thanks, Retro Dodo).

Rumours of a 'Miyoo Mini Flip' have been circulating all year, with design images and photos leaking online – and subsequent images and info have teased a clamshell device with a 3.5-inch display. The most recent image has leaked on Reddit and gives the best look at the system yet.

Solid data on what kind of power level we can expect hasn't arrived as yet, but the Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus were pretty good when it came to emulating right the way up to the Sony PlayStation – so it would be wise to at least expect a similar level of power from this new model.

Released in 2003, the GBA SP was the first revision of the Game Boy Advance system and introduced cutting-edge features such as a front-lit display and a rechargeable battery – yet it removed the 3.5mm headphone jack, requiring users to purchase an additional adapter to use their headphones.

Even so, the GBA SP was a massive commercial success and, for many fans, is one of the best handheld designs of all time.