Random: This Frankenstein Wii / N64 / GameCube Console Gives Us Nightmares 1
Image: Facebook / Andy Robinson

Aftermarket mods can result in some truly amazing bespoke creations, such as backlit Game Boys and consolised Neo Geo MVS systems.

However, sometimes the world of homemade mods throws up some more (ahem) "unique" offerings, and that's precisely what VGC's Andy Robinson has stumbled upon on Facebook Marketplace.

"Yes this is real," says the description with some degree of confidence. "Homemade console that can play wii, gamecube and n64! for sale $100 or open to trades for games. or powkiddy emulator handheld."

At first glance, it would appear that all the current owner has done is stick three different consoles together, paint it up and plaster it with stickers.

Having a device like this under your TV would certainly be a talking point during your next gaming evening, but while maths has never been our strongest suit, we actually think that you'd struggle to buy all three systems individually for less than $100 – so perhaps it's actually a good deal (although, as one of our eagle-eyed readers has spotted, there's no GameCube disc tray so it would seem that the Wii provides software support for that system – which means this is two consoles, and not three).

The catch here, of course, is that you'd have to operate when the system arrives in order to safely separate the trio of Nintendo machines, and we're not sure we'd have the mental strength for that particular task.

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