Saturn Bomberman
Image: Hudson Soft

Last month, we told you about Bo Bayles (better known as Low Context Burning Rangers) discovering an incredible secret hidden inside Clockwork Knight 2.

Well, it seems he's back at it again — this time finding a way to unlock an extended Bomberman SS prototype inside of an old Sega demo disc that was bundled along with some Sega Saturn consoles in Japan. This is the game that would eventually be released as Saturn Bomberman.

The demo disc allowed players to experience a small slice of the game's battle mode but also, unbeknownst to many, contained an earlier version of the entire game hidden within its data. Bayles has, therefore, released a patch to let players access the rest of this content, including the Normal and Master modes.

As Bayles notes on SegaXtreme, some graphical differences have already been documented between this earlier demo and the final version on the website The Cutting Room Floor, but the single-player changes (if any) have yet to be documented.

You can find the patch here, along with information on how to apply it to your copy of the game. Bayles is also planning to do a technical write-up on the build, which will be available at a later date on his website.

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