Clockwork Knight 2
Image: Sega

Clockwork Knight is one of those franchises which never really achieved its full potential. The first game was released alongside the Sega Saturn in 1994, offering some neat 2.5D visuals but gameplay that felt firmly rooted in the previous generation. Despite this, it was popular enough to get a 1995 sequel – but since then, Sir Tongara de Pepperouchau III and his pals have been largely forgotten.

However, that's not to say that the series doesn't still have some secrets up its sleeve. For example, a cheat code has only just been discovered that grants access to the first Clockwork Knight in the North American version of Clockwork Knight 2 – a code which was only rumoured to exist previously and has remained undocumented for almost 30 years:

How does the sequel contain the entire first game, you ask? Well, the North American version isn't actually based on the standalone Clockwork Knight 2 which launched in Japan and Europe – it's a port of the Japanese "Clockwork Knight: Pepperouchau no Fukubukuro" compilation, which contains both games. Access to the original game was removed in the North American version, presumably to prevent its release from impacting sales of the first game in that region.

Sega hasn't returned to the series since 1995, although a puzzle game based on it was announced in the 1990s but never released. In 2003, Sega revealed plans to resurrect the franchise on the GameCube with Knight N' Knight, but no more was ever heard of that particular project.