Panorama Cotton
Image: Success

Panorama Cotton is one of the most sought-after Mega Drive games, thanks to its low print run in Japan.

Thankfully, you'll no longer have to part with the eye-watering price this game commands, because Columbus Circle is about to release a reproduction in Japan.

The standard version will be sold for 8,580 Yen (around $60), while another version – which comes with a teacup, just like the '90s original – will cost 9,680 Yen (approximately $70).

It's due for release in March 2024 and will feature new cover artwork by Hideki Tamura.

Boasting gameplay that is similar to Sega's Space Harrier, Panorama Cotton was only released in Japan, but it recently got released on Switch and PS4.

This isn't the first time the game has been reissued on the Mega Drive / Genesis - Strictly Limited Games produced a version a few years back that was limited to 800 copies.