Retro Gaming Watch
Image: Jason Rogers

The Retro Gaming Watch is taking 'gaming on the go' to a whole new level.

Created by Jason Rogers, it's like a Game Boy SP you wear on your wrist – but it can be detached from its strap when you fancy a quick gaming session.

The Retro Gaming Watch has four buttons and a digital pad and is packing an internal speaker, magnetometer, and accelerometer. It's powered by a Renesas / Dialog DA14706 chip, and has 1.5MB of internal memory and 8MB of external QSPI RAM. You can use it as a smartwatch when you're not gaming, thanks to the external display.

However, the real surprise is the presence of an Efinix T20 FPGA chip, which can be used to accurately recreate the performance of 8 and 16-bit gaming systems.

Early bird options start at $159, but if you're willing to pledge $350, you can become part of the beta testing program. In exchange, you'll get a prototype device (complete with 3D-printed case and hand-soldered boards) way ahead of the expected November 2024 release date, as well as the finished product – which will hopefully be a little more polished.

It certainly looks like an ambitious project – just don't let the terrible use of AI-generated images in the trailer put you off too much.