Anicorn Sega Watches
Image: Anicorn

Watchmaker Anicorn is launching a range of watches based on Sega's Mega Drive / Genesis console (thanks, VGC).

The Hong Kong-based firm – which focuses on luxury watches – is producing three different models, each based on one of the three region variants of the system (Japan, North America and Europe). They'll retail for a cool $800 each.

If you're looking to bag a complete set, then you might have trouble – the Genesis version will only be available in North and South America, while the Japanese and European variants will be available everywhere else.

Anicorn – which has also collaborated with Kojima Productions in the past – had this to say about the news:

The Sega Mega Drive / Genesis is not just a gaming console, it is a cultural phenomenon. This watch allows you to embrace and carry that cultural impact with you everyday, turning it into a daily reminder of your gaming passion.

They go on sale on December 5th at 9am ET / 2pm GMT.