Mega Boy
Image: MegaZXRetro

Those of you old enough to vividly recall the drama of the Sega vs Nintendo console wars might find it hard to reconcile the current business union that exists between the pair – Sonic and Mario being in the same game is still something that we can't believe has actually happened.

However, this fan-made Game Boy mod is putting us into even more of a spin, as it takes Nintendo's insanely popular monochrome marvel and clads it in a Mega Drive-themed exterior – creating something that feels like it shouldn't exist, but we want it so badly nonetheless. Say hello to the "Mega Boy" (the mod itself is actually from 2021, but we've only just seen it, thanks to the fact that it was reshared on social media recently).

This wonderful object is the hard work of @MegaZXRetro, who has collaborated with @retrosixuk to produce a series of custom parts and components.

It already looks utterly fantastic, but MegaZXRetro says he's not finished yet, and is creating a custom shell for the Game Boy which will make it look even more like Sega's 16-bit home console. We approve.