Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions
Image: Square Enix

Over the last couple of years, ever since the Nvidia leak in 2021, rumours have circulated about the possibility of a remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics — the beloved PS1 strategy game that first introduced Final Fantasy players to the world of Ivalice.

In February 2023, the Square Enix producer Ichiro Hazama added some fuel to these rumours in an interview posted on the French website Finaland where he claimed "The Tactics team is incredibly busy at the moment", which led many online (including us) to mistakenly infer that meant something directly related to the series.

But now the series director Yasumi Matsuno (who works at his own company Algrebra Factory yet remains closely involved with the world of Final Fantasy) has weighed into the topic on Twitter, suggesting that "Currently, there are no plans for remastering" and that supporters should convey their requests directly to Square Enix (thanks IGN!).

This sadly seems to pour a ton of cold water on those rumours that have been circulating and makes us wonder again about the story behind the game's appearance in those Nvidia leaks.

Fans have been calling out for a new remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics for many years now, inevitably wanting to be able to easily access the game on their current-gen hardware. The game was previously remastered on PSP under the title Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions in 2007, which added multiplayer, new cutscenes, and characters, and was later brought to iOS and Android (albeit with some features removed).

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