Final Fantasy Tactics
Image: Square Enix

Remember that GeForce leak from a while back? It revealed a number of upcoming projects, many of which have since been confirmed. One title that was included in the leak was a remaster of the legendary Final Fantasy Tactics, a PlayStation SRPG released in 1997 that was later remade for the Sony PSP.

Given that we haven't heard much since then, it's easy to understand why some people have forgotten about it – especially as Square Enix filled the void with a recent remaster of Tactics Ogre, a title from the same core development team as Final Fantasy Tactics.

However, Square Enix producer Ichiro Hazama just dropped a hint that the Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is still on track. Speaking in an interview with French site Finaland, Hazama briefly touched upon the game, saying that "the Tactics team is incredibly busy at the moment".

This is obviously a long way off being a confirmation, and there's a chance that Hazama isn't talking specifically about Final Fantasy Tactics – but, given how many titles from the GeForce leak have been confirmed, there's a good chance it will be announced soon.

With its combination of deep gameplay, a complex storyline and some absolutely stunning music, Final Fantasy Tactics is regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time – so are you looking forward to playing a remaster? Let us know with a comment below.