Image: T&E Soft

Yesterday, we reported that the PC-88 shoot 'em-up Silpheed was coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop as part of D4 Enterprises' Console Egg series of reissues, but, as spotted via the Japanese publication 4Gamer, it seems like we only got half the story there. That's because, on December 21st, another PC-88 title, T&E Soft's 1984 action RPG Hydlide, will also be joining Silpheed on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Created by Tokihiro Naito, Hydlide was inspired by Japanese games of the period like Bullet-Proof Software's The Black Onyx and Namco's Tower of Druaga, and saw players exploring a vast overworld filled with monsters before delving into dungeons to unlock new weapons and items. As well as the PC-8801, it was also released on the PC-6001, and was later ported to platforms such as the MSX/MSX2, PC-9801, PC-66, Sharp X1, FM-7, Sharp MZ-2000, and Nintendo Famicom/NES. It also spawned two sequels Hydlide II: Shine of Darkness (1985) and Hydlide 3: The Space Memories (1987), in addition to a remake for the Sega Saturn called Virtual Hydlide (1995).

Here is a description of the story taken from the North American store page:

"Operate the hero Jim and defeat the demon Varalys, the strongest in mythology! A classic action RPG representing the 1980s.

An active role-playing game released by T&E SOFT in 1984.

Fairyland is a peaceful kingdom inhabited by fairies.

One of the gems has been stolen by a human with evil intentions, awakening the demon Varalys, who is said to be the strongest in mythological legend.

The player takes on the role of Jim, a brave young man, and his objective is to restore peace to Fairyland by searching for the lost gem and defeating the demon Varalys.

Action is the key to this game. Players switch between attack and defense modes as they fight monsters by slamming Jim into them.

This game is a pioneer of the Japanese PC fantasy RPGs of the 1980s. It is a monster title that reigned at the top of the popularity rankings in PC game magazines for a long time, with its diverse and beautifully composed fields, including plains, castles, churches, and labyrinths."

The game will be available from both the US and Japanese eShops on December 21st, but we're unsure exactly when it will arrive on European storefronts given D4 Enterprise's previous release Xanadu has yet to appear on the UK store (update: the game is now up on the UK store).

[source 4gamer.net]