Image: Game Arts

The classic shoot 'em-up Silpheed has been announced as the next title coming to the Nintendo Switch as part of D4 Enterprise's Egg Console series of rereleases. It will arrive on the Nintendo Switch eShop on December 21st (as spotted by @gosokkyu!).

The game, which was originally published and developed by Game Arts, was released on the PC-88 back in 1986 and was later ported to a bunch of other platforms including the FM-77AV, Apple IIGS, TRS80 CoCo, DOS, and Sega CD.

It puts players behind the controls of the Silpheed SA-08 fighter ship and sees them take to the stars to do battle against an evil group of terrorists, who are led by the brutal leader named Xalacite.

The game notably features a pseudo-3D presentation and also contains some experimentation with digitized speech, which you can hear in the trailer below.

Western storefronts aren't live for the game yet (update: here is the US store page), but considering that Thexder, Relics, and Xanadu were all released in the US, we'd say it's a safe bet that this will also be coming to at least some players outside of Japan.

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