Image: Nihon Falcom

D4 Entertainment and Project EGG have revealed that the next title coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop as part of its Console EGG series of rereleases will be Nihon Falcom's PC-88 action RPG hit Xanadu (thanks gosokkyu!)

The second game in the Dragon Slayer series, Xanadu was released for the PC-88 in 1985 and features a mixture of dungeon crawling, real-time combat, and RPG mechanics (including a morality system, item customization, player statistics, leveling, and more). It was a huge hit in Japan upon its original release, but as gosokkyu notes, it has surprisingly never received a faithful port to home consoles, despite coming to various other home computers including the X1, PC-98, FM-7/77, and MSX/2, and Windows.

In the last 80s, Hudson Soft, for instance, released Faxanadu on the Nintendo on the Famicom/NES, which is considered to be a spin-off from the Xanadu as opposed to a direct port, while the 1997 Sega Saturn compilation Falcom Classics opted to package in the 1995 PC-98 remake Revival Xanadu over its PC-88 original.

This modern reissue is the third release in the Console Egg series, following the arrival of the PC-88 classics Thexder and Relics on the console back in October.

Here's the US store page and the UK store page. You can watch some footage of the game below:

[source store-jp.nintendo.com, via cohost.org]