Night Slashers
Image: Data East

A bunch of old Data East arcade games have disappeared from the Nintendo Switch eShop, as spotted by the reddit user Karnov_ and the publication GoNintendo.

The games β€” which included titles like Joe & Mac, Night Slashers, BurgerTime, and Gate Of Doom, among many others β€” were previously published on the storefront as part of the Johnny Turbo's Arcade series from Flying Tiger Entertainment, but now appear to have vanished from the eShop without an explanation, with many suspecting licensing issues may have had a part to play in their removal.

As GoNintendo notes, searching the US version of the eShop currently as well as doesn't yield any results. Meanwhile, our own exploration of the UK eShop turned up only one game from the collection: 1986's Express Raider (which is among the games that appear to have been delisted from the US store).

We've reached out to Flying Tiger Entertainment to try and find out more, but it seems like the company hasn't been in active in a while so we don't exactly hold out much hope of receiving a reply.

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