Image: Data East

Most people will probably know the video game company Data East from playing games like Karate Champ and Robocop. But It published a whole lot more than that during the 80s and 90s, including a bunch of games for the Nintendo Famicom that never saw a release outside of Japan.

One of these was the turn-based strategy game Daikaijuu Deburas, which as of today we're happy to report has finally received a full English translation 33 years later, thanks to a group of dedicated fans.

Daikaijuu Deburas is a game where players must help the military guide a giant egg through a metropolitan city while protecting it from a huge monster that has risen from the sea. It was released in 1990 on the Nintendo console but was never brought over to the West, perhaps due to its abundance of references to Japanese pop culture.

A partial translation from a hacker named Manipulate has been available since the '90s. But now, a new group of individuals has finally teamed up to translate the entire game from scratch..

The hack called Giant Monster Flaburas ("Debu" means chubby in Japan, hence the name change) is the work of the hacker Black Paladin (who previously worked on a translation patch for Aspic: Curse of the Snakelord), and a group of collaborators including Lazermutt4, Cyneprepou4uk, and abw.

You can grab the patch now from Here are some videos of it in action: