Papers, Please
Image: Dukope

Yesterday (August 8th) was the 10th anniversary of Papers, Please. So in order to celebrate, its creator Lucas Pope made a bunch of announcements to commemorate the important milestone and thank people for their continued support over the last decade.

This includes the announcement of a new $1.99 sale on Papers, Please across all platforms (ending on August 11th), the reveal of a new merch based on the game, a $100,000 donation to the International Rescue Committee, and a soundtrack release on various streaming services.

Pope and his co-developer/wife Keiko also launched a special LCD demake of the game, called LCD, Please, which the developer has since referred to on Twitter as "the de-make no one asked for."

LCD, Please is a simplified version of the indie game from 2013, and features graphics similar to that of an old electronic handheld (much like the ones Tiger used to sell).

In it, players must again assume the role of a border official and are tasked with matching personal details, such as names, countries of origin, and character portraits, with the documents provided by the people attempting to cross the checkpoint.

Players are able to choose between easy and hard difficulty modes and can also access a gallery at any point to view a stream of random character portraits.

You can play the game in a browser here.

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