Castlevania SOTN Tiger
Image: Konami

Remember that Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night Tiger prototype we reported on a short time ago? Well, the owner of that cartridge – Brandon Cobb – has now listed it on eBay.

Once assumed to be little more than a series of mock-up screenshots, the version of Symphony Of The Night actually exists – albeit in an unfinished state. It's also a little rough around the edges – hardly a shock when considering the humble nature of the hardware – but it's a functioning game, at least.

(Spoiler alert: the auction ended at US $7,600.00.)

"So how complete is the game?" asks the auction's description. "Very. I played through it for several hours, and I can tell you for certain there's a lot of content here: including an ending, if you've got the mad skillz to reach it. The music is all there, plenty of sound effects are present, and a whole pile of graphics were converted down from the original Playstation version of the game. Love and care was put into this adaptation, no question: or, at least, the best effort the programmers felt justified their paycheck."

The listing goes on to detail exactly what you'll be getting, too. "If you buy this little dandy, what you'll be receiving is an authentic Tiger cartridge, with an authentic printed label, with the game stored on an authentic Tiger development PCB. No boring, ugly, epoxy-globbed production PCB here, folks! No, no! This is a programmable flash cart, used by the developers to test their work on real hardware: Fascinating stuff indeed!"

While the quality of the port might be somewhat questionable, this is, without a doubt, a serious slice of gaming history.

"Bottom line: If you're a fan, or a Castlevania fan, or none of the above, I want your money," concludes the listing. "So! Please consider my greed and find it in your heart to bid high, bid often. Your reward for winning this auction will be a fabulous piece of gaming history, and the knowledge that I'm smiling ear to ear over having some more ca$h to play with."

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