The Secret of Monkey Island
Image: Lucasfilm Games

The Secret of Monkey Island is often regarded as one of the best adventure games that Lucasfilm Games ever produced, so it comes as no surprise that there is still an active fan community around it all these years later who are intent on paying tribute to the classic point-and-click title.

What we never expected, however, was to see someone go to the effort of trying to bring the game to the Commodore 64 — a machine that came out a full eight years before The Secret of Monkey Island was ever released.

Nevertheless, earlier this month, as spotted by IndieRetroNews, a group of fan developers did exactly that, publishing a new Commodore 64 port of The Secret of Monkey Island for the retro machine over on the Commodore 64 Scene database.

This port wasn't built using the SCUMM engine as you might expect but instead was created using the D42 Adventure System from Out of Order Softworks.

It is also, shall we say, rather limited compared to the PC or Commodore Amiga versions, featuring no character animation or actual interaction with the environment art, instead being played in a series of text menus. Nevertheless, it's still rather exciting to see the game given a new life on a platform that it was never intended to be played on.

If you want to see more, you can either download the game yourself from the Commodore 64 Scene database or watch the video below from the YouTuber Saberman.

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