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If you're the type of person who often finds themselves in the market for cool gaming tech and accessories, you've likely come across the name 8BitDo. The Chinese company specialises in a wide range of gaming peripherals, such as wireless controllers and adapters designed to help you get the most out of both your current gaming systems and your retro consoles, and is known for being one of the leading manufacturers in the business.

In this guide, we'll be giving you a rundown of the best 8BitDo controllers and accessories available, as well as highlighting a number of products that might be suitable for your specific needs, broken down into categories. So, without further ado...

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Best 8BitDo Controllers - Some Of Our Top Picks

Let's kick things off with a selection of controllers that we've not only extensively tested over the past few years, but that also left a great impression on us. Taking into account their usability, compatibility, and price point compared to other controllers on the market, these are easy recommendations.

8BitDo SN30 Pro+

When it launched back in 2019, 8BitDo claimed the SN30 Pro+ to be the best controller it had ever created – and we agreed. Inspired by Nintendo's SNES controllers looks-wise, the controller has much more of a 'Pro Controller' feel to it and can be used with Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Android – there's even a smartphone holder that clips onto the pad and allows you to use it with your phone attached. You can read a full review of the controller here.

At the time of writing, the SN30 Pro+ model is sold out, but the (also excellent) original SN30 Pro is still available – and at a very welcome discount. If the Pro+ reappears, we'll add the links you need right here:

8BitDo 2.4G/Bluetooth Ultimate Controllers

With an Xbox-style design fused with a SNES-style D-pad, 8BitDo's 2.4G Ultimate Controller is primarily aimed at computer and Android players, although the Bluetooth version is also compatible with Nintendo Switch.

Perhaps the ideal pad for emulation fans who like to play their favourite ROMs on PC or mobile, we'd heartily recommend these Ultimate controllers. As for the main difference between the 2.4G and Bluetooth models, aside from the connection method of course? The Bluetooth model is compatible with Switch and Windows, whilst the 2.4G model is compatible with Windows and Android.



8BitDo Arcade Stick for Xbox/Switch

Let's wrap this section up with something a little different – 8BitDo's Arcade Sticks. Naturally, these are suited to console owners who love nothing more than spending hour after hour beating up their friends in arcade fighting games.

There are versions available for both Xbox and Switch (we shared a full hands-on review of the former on our sister site, Pure Xbox), and we're happy to report that they offer tight, responsive control and are also a perfect match for non-fighting retro titles like Radiant Silvergun, Ikagura, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage 2 and many, many more.

Best 8BitDo Accessories

Before we dive into our full round-up of 8BitDo controllers, let us quickly highlight a couple of accessories that we feel are must-have items for any gaming fan.

USB Wireless Adapter 2

This little beauty allows you to connect all manner of wireless controllers – both 8BitDo's own and the official Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox controllers – with pretty much any device. Say you wanted to use the PS5's DualSense controller with your PC or Raspberry Pi? Well, now you can!

8BitDo Retro Mechanical Keyboard

Do we even need to explain why you should want one of these? Just look at it.

With programmable keys and a similar intuitive control panel to that found on the 8BitDo Arcade Sticks, these mechanical keyboards are a fantastic treat for retro fans – the two designs are inspired by Nintendo's NES (or Famicom) console, hence the colouring. You can connect these to your PC via Bluetooth, 2.4G wireless, or wired, and they even have giant A and B buttons that would be perfect for emulation.

Best 8BitDo Controllers & Accessories - Which Is Right For Me?

8BitDo Controllers
Image: 8BitDo

Below, we've rounded up some of the best 8BitDo products money can buy. Simply scroll down to find the console or device you're looking to purchase for, and all the products listed will be compatible. Happy shopping!

8BitDo Controllers & Accessories - Best Options for PC

These controllers and accessories have been designed with PC players in mind. Bear in mind that the majority of these controllers are only confirmed to work with Windows – some do also work with Mac, but if you're wanting to pick something up for Mac specifically, we'd urge you to check individual product listings to be sure!

8BitDo Controllers & Accessories - Best Options for Smartphones

Wanting a controller that'll let you play games and emulated titles on your smartphone in style? Look no further!

8BitDo Controllers & Accessories - Best Options for Nintendo Switch

Here are some of our favourite 8BitDo controllers for Nintendo Switch owners!

8BitDo Controllers & Accessories - Best Options for Xbox

Xbox owners have a variety of controllers and cool little accessories to choose from:

8BitDo Controllers & Accessories - Best Options for Retro/Legacy Systems

Finally, here's a look at some 8BitDo products that are perfect for use with retro systems and new 'Classic' edition systems:

We hope you found this guide useful. Make sure to let us know if anything has caught your eye with a comment below.

*Please note that our 10% off discount code with 8BitMods is a one-use-per-customer deal – we'd recommend throwing everything you're interested in into your basket and buying in one go to take advantage of the deal, as you won't be able to use our discount code again in future!